Experience and Learn about reindeer herding. Become a reindeer herder yourself for a few hours as you feed the animals.

  • Category: Reindeer Sledding
  • Duration: 00:30 Hours
  • Address: Kilpisjärvi, Finland (Map)


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Ranch activites at 10:00 - 16:00 

Basic Adult Price: 25€. 

Basic Kids: (4 - 11): 15€ 

Toddlers.  (0 - 3): Free

Activities you will experience at our reindeer ranch

Get to know the reindeer

Know the difference between a ranch and free roaming reindeer

See and learn our to feed the reindeer

Daily routines of a reindeer herder

Learn about the year of the reindeer means to herders and how herders recognize thier heard.