In this package you get to visit the local reindeer herding farm which is held by local Sami family. Family that has been working with reindeers for hundreds of years. You get the opportunity to feed the reindeers from your hand. You also get a experience the traditional Sami Hut and also short stories about the Sami culture and reindeer herding. N/B : ---- Remember that reindeer is not a farm animal in the same way as fully domesticated animals like cows. Reindeer live their lives in the mountains and forests. So it is considered as a wild animal or at least partly a wild animal. In our farm you get to meet our trained and friendly reindeer which are familiar with people but it is important to remember that they still are wild animals with instincts. Working reindeer is the traditional way of transportation of the reindeer herding people and we keep on the tradition of training them. Pricing Adult Price: 80€ Kids: (4 - 11): 40€ Toddlers(0 - 3): Free

  • Category: Reindeer Sledding
  • Duration: 01:30 Hours
  • Address: Kilpisjärvi, Finland (Map)




Package Includes

A Short story about the Sami culture and Reindeer herding culture

Visit to the Reindeer Farm,

Short Reindeer Ride.

Refreshment Included in Package 

Hot berry juice & cookie.